The second PARADIGM event of 2022, which was a promotional event organised by Sanofi, was held on the 19th October 2022. It brought together specialists in diabetes care to discuss current issues and share best practices in the management of patients with diabetes. Watch the talks from Professor Emma Wilmot, Dr Amar Puttanna, Dr Martha Ford Adams and Dr Rose Stewart. You might also be interested in watching the video on demand from Anne Goodchild: 'What Insulins Do I Need In My Toolbox To Support People With Type 2 Diabetes?'.

Professor Emma Wilmot

Consultant Diabetologist, Honorary Clinical Associate Professor

Combining Insulin Therapy and Connected Eco-Systems: Smart Devices and Sources as Decision Support for the Person With Diabetes


Dr Amar Puttanna

Diabetes Consultant and National Advisor for Clinical Enagement, Sanofi

RCT Evidence on Time-in-Range in Type 1 Diabetes

Dr Martha Ford Adams

Consultant in Paediatric and Young People Diabetes and Obesity

Practicalities of Supporting the Teenager With Type 2 Diabetes

Dr Rose Stewart

Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Adult Diabetes Psychology Lead for BCUHB & All Wales

'Beyond the Metrics' - Mind Matters

Anne Goodchild

Senior Trainer for NHS, PrePITstop and PITstop diabetes courses in the UK

What Insulins Do I Need in My Toolbox to Support People With Type 2 Diabetes?

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Date of preparation: November 2022